About the company


Lingvopolis emergency translation center focuses on written translation of business documentation from and into english.
We habe gained experience in implementing a full cycle of operations under major translation projects.
Translation is available both as soon as possible and also under a normal mode of operation, while quality is permanently high.
We are ready to translate any certificate of incorporation, articles and memorandum of association within 24 hours!!!


Specific features of our operations:



It is common for office workers to recollect too late that some documents have to be translated. In this case, we are ready to come to the rescue and entrust your order to the most skilled and experienced translators.

Low, high, and huge volumes

We have high-skilled human resources enabling us not only to announce a capability of performing an order as soon as possible, but also to warrant professional translation of any volume of documentation, including extra high volumes.

Warranted quality

We warrant the highest quality of translation as we do not apply automated translation systems and shall not entrust any work to unproven or low-skilled translators.

High proficiency

We employ professionals featuring not only a special linguistic degree, but also an extra degree in economics, law or engineering. This provides our customers with additional confidence in the competent performance of an order.

Operational accuracy

Strict compliance with the order performance dates is warranted to a customer. when performing an order, we apply special terminology of the relevant business sector.


a team of editors including native speakers will ensure an adequate translation of the original text. However, high proficiency of our human resources implies that native speakers are not necessary.


We warrant total confidentiality of our relations and, at your desire, enter into a non-disclosure agreement concerning commercial, engineering or any other data both during a preliminary negotiation phase as well as in the normal course of business. Once an order has been performed, the documents used for the translation will be delivered back to the customer or destroyed.

Tel: 8 (812) 329-22-07
ICQ: 300229113